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China tours from Beijing offer you a wonderful experience in life

China, which is located in the East Asia is not only the third largest country in the world, but is also one known for its oldest civilizations in the world with rich cultural and historical sites attracting millions of tourists every year to the country. As you plan to explore the tourist locations just Beijing tour packages check out for the best Beijing tour packages offered by the professional tourist operators who helps you to explore the most popular and historical sites in China. There are many tour packages being offered like great wall tours Beijing, theme tours Beijing, three day tour and so on that you can select based on your interests or can also customize your tour package with the operators to create an itinerary to visit all those places that you would like to discover in china.
Beijing Tour Package


The Beijing three day tour takes you through the Forbidden city, Tiananmen square, the Ming tombs, the great wall and Hutong offering you to experience the local history and culture, hike the great wall and also enjoy the local Chinese lunch. All the tours are assisted by English speaking guides who takes you through the traditional and modern world of china offering a detailed description of the attractions for your understanding. The china tours from Beijing also offer you 4 day Beijing to Xian by train, 8 days china spectacular highlights tour to Beijing and Shangai, Shanghai tour by high speed train, 3 days Gulilin tour from Beijing and many more itineraries that are listed for you to choose.
Day Trips From Beijing


The great wall tours Beijing should not also be missed when you visit China as the popular adage that states that “ He who comes to china but fails to reach the great wall is not a true man”. The china great wall which is one of the world's great wonders offers you spectacular views and also a greater understanding about the Chinese dynasty in the past era. You can explore the great wall of china by walking, trekking, camping and hiking, choosing the formal, informal and wild categories to pick the significant route to the great wall. There is also a 15 to 30 minutes flying over great wall by helicopter to enjoy the panoramic view and aerial shots of the great wall.

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